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Investments: Fundamental Theory and Practice 2e
C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. 
Roanoke College

Digital Options start at $39.95
Print + Digital Bundles start at $54.95

Supplements: Instructor's Manual** | Test Item File | PowerPoint Lecture Slides
                          Quizlet Study App for students

3 Quick Things about Smith Investments:

1. Truly an Undergrad Text:  in addition to being overpriced, many traditional
investments textbooks contain hundreds of pages of materials that are not meant
to be explored in an “introductory” undergraduate investments course. Smith provides
students with the true fundamentals of investing. Advanced investing topics are left
for more advanced courses.
2. Practical and Concise: this is a “how to" book that gets right to the point.. Students
will be able to directly apply the theories and concepts they learn to their own investing practice.
3. Self-explanatory:  easy-to-understand language accompanies step-by-step instruction.
Students' knowledge can be tested by using the pedagogical aids found in each chapter.

Smith 2e cover, spine and backcover stud

Request a Digital Review Copy *

* Suggested for initial consideration, if you are so inclined.  Digital samples help keep our prices affordable.  If you like what you see, but prefer to take a closer look in print, we'd be happy to follow up with a paperback copy.

**Instructor's Manual includes solutions/answers to over 400 end-of-chapter problems.

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