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Timothy Taylor's Principles of Economics Series


"Timothy Taylor is the best intro teacher I know." 

- J. Bradford DeLong, UC-Berkeley

     Tim Taylor’s career has been devoted to making complex economic ideas clear to students, policy makers and other professional economists. Taylor is the founding and only managing editor of the American Economic Association’s  Journal of Economic Perspectives, which for more than 20 years has been an accessible source for state-of-the art economic thinking. 


“Timothy Taylor is the profession’s National Treasure.”

- Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University

     Tim has won numerous teaching awards from his teaching stints at institutions like Stanford, the University of Minnesota, and Macalester College.  Tim is also known for his series of lectures produced by  The Learning Company.  And, most recently, Tim  blogs four to five times a week at Conversable Economist, where he covers daily economic developments and offers insights and data that our adopting instructors increasingly are incorporating into their lectures.


“Tim Taylor is an economist who can also write.”

- Richard H. Thaler, University of Chicago

There's much more.  Click the title below for more information and to request a review copy.


Principles of Economics 5e                 Taylor    Prices start at $39.95

Principles of Microeconomics 5e        Taylor    Prices start at $34.95


Principles of Macroeconomics 5e       Taylor    Prices start at $34.95




Conversable Economist.png

           “One of the great pleasures of writing                    this textbook series is having the opportunity          to share my teaching toolkit of step-by-step explanations, practical examples, and metaphors that stick in the mind.”   

                                                           - Timothy Taylor

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