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Introduction to Complex Analysis
and Its Applications

Donald Trim, Ph.D.

The University of Manitoba

eBook: $39.95  Paperback:  $49.95        Student Solutions Manual  $11.95


Instructor Supplements: Solutions Manual

Student Supplements: Student Solutions Manual

3 quick things about Trim 2e:

1. Previously published by PWS, 2e is for undergraduate students in science and engineering. At a brisk pace, theory and a selection of applications can be covered in one semester; for complete coverage at a more leisurely pace allow two semesters.

2. The presentation assumes a working knowledge of single-variable real calculus, including infinite series, and familiarity with partial differentiation and line integrals.

3. 2e explores the intimate relationships among the three major topics of complex calculus — differentiation, integration, and infinite series. Properties in any one of these topics are reflected in properties in the other two, so much so, that one could commence complex calculus with any one of the three topics. The preference in this text is to begin with differentiation, it being, perhaps, the easiest of the three topics for most students in real calculus. This is then followed with integration and infinite series.

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