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Meet the Team

Tom Doran: CEO and Co-Founder

Tom has worked in textbook publishing for 34 years. TMP is his third college publishing start-up, and his fifth stint as a CEO or President. He was the youngest CEO with the former Times Mirror Corporation (L.A. Times, Newsday and 21 other publishing properties), directing the college textbook operation of a $50 million division that was eventually sold to McGraw Hill.  In addition to directing TMP’s publishing operations, Tom focuses on the marketing  and business development.  Tom is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Edgar Laube: Publisher and Co-Founder

Ed has worked in textbook publishing for 36 years. Textbook Media Press is his third college publishing start-up, including CourseWise and Atomic Dog Publishing, and his fifth stint running the editorial operation. Ed has overseen the publication of well over 1000 college textbooks in both traditional and alternative models. Ed's specialty is author recruitment, project management and sales. Ed is a graduate of Macalester College (undergrad) and University of Iowa (grad) and  works out of our Madison, WI office, right down the road from UW-Madison.

Karen Evans: Fulfillment Manager 

Karen has worked on the bookstore side of publishing for many years, most recently as the Bookstore Manager at North Hennepin Community College. She also worked in the bookstores at St. Catherine University, Hamline University and UW La Crosse. Prior to her work in textbooks, Karen was a store manage for B. Dalton's Bookseller and was a library aide. Karen is a graduate of Luther College.

Howard Quinlan: Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder 

Howard helped raise the funding that launched TMP back in 2004. Howard has been a managing executive with a number of global financial services companies, including ING, Sun Life Financial, and Lincoln Financial Group. He also has first-hand experience launching successful entrepreneurial ventures, having helped in the start-up of Freeload Press, as well ashelping build Emerge, a tech-based health insurance platform. He continues to assist a variety of businesses in their new market initiatives. Howard is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and William Mitchell Law School.

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