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Publishing Philosophy

The publishers who founded TMP have been in college publishing over thirty years each. Over that period we have published thousands of new or revised college textbooks. Our work centers on harnessing technology to deliver a more affordable publication. We see ourselves as market pragmatists who follow a blend of guidelines developed over the years:

  • Price matters.  Now more than ever. But quality comes first.

  • Don’t “over-publish.”  Steer to what the instructor expects and what the student needs.  Anything more than that unnecessarily increases prices.

  • Use technology to save students money.  It can and it does.

  • Work with seasoned authors who like what they do and care about students.

  • Return phone calls. Quickly. It always has been - and always will be - a people business.

  • Grow for the challenge. Not for growth’s sake. And never outgrow

       returning phone calls quickly.

  • Big doesn’t always translate to good. Speed, service, and savvy

       are moneymakers, too.


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