We're a Midwest-based publisher that has been publishing affordable textbooks for select courses since 2004. We specialize in acquiring the rights to under-served textbooks from the big publishers and revising them for our textbook media model. That means a quality textbook from proven authors—a textbook that was developed by the big publishers via peer reviews, and includes ancillaries, but is offered to the market at a fraction of the price.    



More tidbits:          

+ TMP was founded by a group of former publishing executives and well-known academics looking to deliver a disruptive textbook publishing model.  


+ Launched originally as Freeload Press,  a “freemium” publisher (a front-runner to Flat World Knowledge), and rebranded as Textbook Media in 2009.


+ TMP provides the course instructor with a reliable teaching tool, while at the same time offering students a textbook with media options at uniquely affordable prices.  


+ The "textbook media" publishing model has been honed over ten years in the market, servicing hundreds of instructor users and delivering affordable textbooks to over a million college students. 

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