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Options!  Better yet, affordable options! Your students can buy directly from us (best prices and immediate fulfillment of all online books*), or we'll work with your bookstore.

Fulfillment factoids:


+ Overall, about 80% of adopting instructors point their students to our

   student fulfillment site for direct fulfillment options (and best prices).


+ All our books are offered with multiple media and price options.

  •    Online (best price)

  •    Hyrbid Bundle: online + print

          with print options: BW loose-leaf; BW paperback; color  paperback


+ Most students (over 85%) eventually buy one of the bundles.



+ All purchases at our site give students IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a digital version.  Our online book includes search, highlighting and notes.


+ It's easy to upgrade to a premium option after the initial purchase.


+ A Student Buyer's Guide shows students their options.

* All but two of our titles feature an online book version.

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