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Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business 3e

by Victor López, J.D., Esq.  Hofstra University

Digital options start at $39.95 | Print + Digital Bundles start at $54.95

Supplements:  Instructor's Manual | Test Item File | Test Disk | PowerPoint Slides

New Supplement Offerings for 3e: 

1. Premium eBook Version with Web-based Assessments and Grade-book Apps $59.95  (see video for more info)

2. Primer on Immigration Law and Compliance

3 Quick Things about López 3e:

1. Adopters like the direct prose & realistic examples.

2. Infuses ethics throughout and includes EOC and Unit cases.

3. Developed and previously published by Prentice Hall, 3e is one of the

best value propositions in the market.

Request a Digital Review Copy*
* Suggested for initial consideration, if you are so inclined. Digital samples help keep our prices affordable. If you like what you see, but prefer print, we're happy to follow up with a paperback copy.

          New to 3e: Web-based assessments                and grade-book apps in premium 

Skyepack eBook version: just $59.95.   

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