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Business Law

Professional Woman

Hybrid Approach

This is a hybrid of Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business.  This textbook was signed and developed by Prentice Hall.  This López textbook has proved to be a popular choice for courses in State School USA and Community Colleges.  Infuses ethics throughout and includes Hypothetical EOC cases and Unit Case Excerpts.  Click on the title for more information and TOC.


Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business 3e   López


Traditional Business Law

Just Published!

Business Law: A Modern for Undergraduate Students and a Primer for Law Students    Goldstein


Written in a relaxed manner that students will relate to and enjoy.  (How many of your students enjoy reading their book?)  The book is not intimidating or overwhelming.  Rather, Gavin provides an outline and discussion of complicated legal subjects written in plain, clear English.  The “colloquial approach.”   Real-world examples like the Enron case, the "Cannibal Cop," the global distribution chain of Apple iPhones, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and NATO  illustrate and clarify key concepts.


Business Law 3e     López


Signed and developed by McGraw Hill, the first edition of Victor López's textbook was popular at State School USA and in Community Colleges.  This is not a pre-law text. López has developed a loyal following among instructors who aim to provide functional knowledge about the law to tomorrow’s executives and entrepreneurs. Includes Hypothetical Cases.  Click on title for more information and TOC.



Immigration Law

This is a primer (55 pages)  to be used as a supplement to either of the above courses or as a stand alone text for continuing ed and/or certificate courses.

A Primer on Immigration Law and Compliance   López

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