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We're seeing the adoption base for our marketing list grow substantially each year.  Check out our new 7th edition of International Marketing. Coming this fall 2022 are new editions of our Retailing and Consumer Behavior titles. Other popular titles recently published in new editions include Marketing Essentials, Marketing Management and Marketing Research.
Click on the title of interest below for more information and TOC.

Marketing: Essentials 7e    Lascu   

Marketing: Marketing in the 21st Century 12e  Evans | Berman
Marketing Management 2e  Clow

The Essentials of Marketing Research 4e  Silver et al   
Principles of Marketing Research 3e    Clow | James  
Consumer Behavior 6e    Akhter | Wrenn | Loudon | Della Bitta

Strategic Marketing Management 4e   Akhter & Pacheco
International Marketing 7e   Lascu
Retailing 4e   Ogden | Ogden | Jones

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