Consumer Behavior: Putting Theory into Practice 5e

​Bruce Wrenn, Ph.D.             David Loudon, Ph.D.             Al Della Bitta

Andrews University             Samford University               University of Rhode Island

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3 Quick Things about 5e:

· Previously developed and published by McGraw Hill, 5e is a more concise alternative (approximately 450 pages)

to the old-style exhaustive, encyclopedic approach of  the major competitors.

· 5e thoroughly incorporates marketing realism, stressing the application of conceptual material to marketing

strategies and decision making in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 


· Considerable effort has been made to present the material clearly and in a style that is readable, interesting, and motivating to students. Unnecessary jargon has been avoided, and behavioral concepts have been defined in simple language.  Each chapter concludes with a section on “putting the theory into practice” and managerial summaries to reinforce major points.

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