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Just Revised! (2022 copyright).

International Marketing 7e

Dana-Nicoleta Lascu, Ph.D. University of Richmond

Digital options start at $39.95      Print + Digital Bundles start at $54.95

Supplements: Instructor Manual, Test Bank formatted for the major LMS platforms,

Lecture Slides, and these new supplements:

+ Video Labs (with Student Assignments)

+ Quizlet Study Sets for Student Self-Testing ($9.95)

Quick Things about 7e:

  1. Written during a period of economic, political, and social instability largely due to the disruptions spurred by the pandemic, with continued COVID-19 lockdowns, inflationary pressure, supply chain constraints, and other economic and political challenges to international trade, the Seventh Edition offers insights into the resulting local and multinational firms’ management of marketing operations. 

  2. The revised edition includes updated and new material throughout, new and fully updated cases, all-new Video Labs, new coverage of trade theory, additional coverage of international trade agreements to address increasingly influential trade bodies. The book expands the focus on market analysis by including several new sections, such as international marketing analytics and other country- and region-specific market assessments and product analyses.  

  3. The book reflects the author’s teaching philosophy: presenting dynamic, timely, real-world examples that help students to better understand international marketing in action. Professor Lascu shares her own perspectives as a product of different cultures who actively experiences, observes, and studies marketing across the world, chairing international conferences even as the pandemic continues to exacerbate geographical, political, and economic divides.


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