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Retailing: Integrated Retail Management 4e

​Denise T. Ogden Ph.D.                             James R. Ogden Ph.D.          Robert Paul Jones, Ph.D

Penn State University-Lehigh Valley      Kutztown University             Texas Tech

Digital options start at $39.95  Print + Digital Bundle start at $54.95

Supplements: Instructor’s Resource Guide, Test Bank (4000+ Questions!) formatted for the major LMS platforms,

650 PowerPoint Slides, and Video Labs with Assignments and Quizlet Study Set (Self-scoring quizzes, Flashcards, etc.)

About 4e:

· Light on the fluff; solid on the basics:  4e is a concise text that covers strategic issues with an eye on financial

considerations and operations management issues illustrated through retail cases and exercises. 

· New co-author, Robert Paul Jones, is Department Chair of Hospitality and Retail Management in the

College of Human Sciences at  Texas Tech. In addition to his extensive academic work, Dr. Jones has over 25 years of executive leadership and consulting experience in retail and hospitality.  

· Uses an Integrated Retail Management flow chart to depict retail functions:  Most retail texts present students with a series of chapters that provide useful information but fail to explain how the various activities involved in retailing affect each other.  The 4th edition offers the student an overview of the retail process through the use of an integrated retail management (IRM) plan. The steps involved in retailing as presented in the text are tied together through the IRM plan.

· Expanded coverage of Mobile and e-Tailing and included throughout the text and not treated as a stand-alone chapter. This helps emphasize that e-tailing is a form of retailing that uses many of the same models as other forms.

· Includes updated cases and real-world examples.  And omni-channel retailing incorporated throughout text.



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