Retailing: Integrated Retail Management 3e

With 2020 Update: The Pandemic's Lasting Impact on Retailing

​Denise T. Ogden Ph.D.                                      James R. Ogden Ph.D.

Penn State University-Lehigh Valley              Kutztown University

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Supplements: Instructor’s Resource Guide, Test Bank (4000+ Questions!) formatted for the major LMS platforms,

650 PowerPoint Slides, and New additions with 3e

+ Video Labs with Assignments: Gratis

+ Quizlet Study Set (Self-scoring Quizzes, Flash Cards, and other Study Apps): $9.95

3 Updates since 3e was published:

1. Now includes a 2020 Update: The Pandemic's Lasting Impact on Retailing (see Sample Chapter for the update)

2. Now available in our upgraded eBook reader that includes online/offline access and other enhancements

3. Same great price and student options since originally published

3 Quick Things about 3e:

1. Originally signed and developed by McGraw-Hill,  Ogden & Ogden 3e is a concise text that

covers strategic issues in retail with an eye on financial considerations and operations management.

2.  Ogden & Ogden is gaining momentum: our adoption list keeps growing each year. Adopters like that steps involved

in retailing are tied together through an Integrated Retail Management Plan.  

3.  Users also like that e-tailing is integrated throughout the text.  Includes cases.



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