Marketing: Essentials 6e

by Kenneth E. Clow, Ph.D.                   Dana-Nicoleta Lascu, Ph.D.

University of Louisiana, Monroe        University of Richmond


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Supplements include Instructor Manual; Test Bank formatted for the major LMS platforms; PowerPoint Lecture Slides; Video Lab w|Student Assignments; Quizlet Study Apps

New with 6e: Web-based assessments and grade-book apps

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3 quick things about 6e:

1. 6e is a total overhaul from previous editions.  It's shorter, more concise

(under 500 pages), loaded with color and contemporary examples.

2. More tech, more B to B, more international. Includes cases. 

3. We keep adding adopters! Users like our affordable prices and the competitive supplement package (including a video lab supplement)! A great alternative to the traditional entries, authored by two textbook professionals!


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