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Consumer Behavior: Putting Theory into Practice 6e

​Syed Akhter, Ph.D.           Bruce Wrenn, Ph.D.             David Loudon, Ph.D.             Al Della Bitta, Ph.D.

Marquette University      Andrews University             Samford University               University of Rhode Island

Digital Options start at $39.95  eBook + Print Bundles start at $54.95

Supplements include PowerPoint Lecture Slides, Test File compatible w/Major LMS vendors


About 6e:

  • Core of this textbook was originally published by McGraw Hill.  6e explains key consumer behavior concepts and theories, drawing on the latest research in psychology, economics, and sociology.


  • New lead author, Syed Akhter (Marquette University) has completely updated 6e to deliver a more concise alternative (approximately 450 pages) to the old style exhaustive, encyclopedic approach of  the major competitors. 6e covers the important areas CB instructors would likely want covered, but omits material less essential to the student’s education in consumer behavior.


  • Emphasis on the practical application of the chapter material meets students’ bias for retaining that which can help them become successful in a marketing career.


  • Presents a “Strategy Box” in each chapter that focuses on questions related to consumer behavior research and findings, challenging students to think critically and answer strategic questions.


  • Presents numerous cross-cultural examples to illustrate concepts of consumer behavior and make them meaningful.


  • End-of-chapter applied sections, “Putting Theory into Practice,” offer students additional materials to dig deeper into chapter topics and improve decision-making skills.

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