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Theory and Applications of Ordinary Differential Equations
With an Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

Donald Trim, Ph.D.
The University of Manitoba   1032 Pages  2022 copyright

eBook: $39.95  3-hole punched loose-leaf:  $59.95  Paperback: $69.95

Student Solutions Manual (1000 + Pages):


Digital:  $19.95   Print:   $39.95
quick things about this edition:
​ 1. The book is a well-balanced blend of theory, techniques, and applications.

The author has written the text so that instructors can choose to emphasize

whichever of these three aspects of differential equations is appropriate for

the course.

2. The author’s writing style will appeal to students. It replaces the stylized

language akin to technical papers and more advanced texts with smoothly flowing

discussions that students will find easy to follow. The author seems to know when

and what questions students will ask, and provides the answer at the appropriate


3. The text has plenty of exercises ranging from the routine (to test understanding

of basic subject matter) to challenging (for the enterprising student). Exercises

avoid the long and involved applications that few, if any, students are likely to


4. Partial differential equations is a vast area of study. The author gives thorough

treatments to the most prominent topics in any introductory course on partial

differential equations. Excerpts are replaced by complete discussions, leaving the

reader with a sense of mastery of each topic. Included are separation of variables on

homogeneous and nonhomogeneous problems in Cartesian coordinates, regular and

singular Sturm-Liouville systems, and separation in polar, cylindrical, and spherical


5. The complete solutions manual has been written and prepared by the

author so students can be assured that all exercises can be solved by techniques

discussed in the text. 

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