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General Biology I:

Investigating Cells, Genetics, and Evolution 2e

Dennis Holley

eBook: $39.95  eBook + Print Bundles start at:  $59.95        

Instructor Supplements: Test Bank, Image Bank

About Holley General Biology I (2e):

GENERAL BIOLOGY I (2e), is the first volume of a two-volume set designed and written

for a two-semester course for majors. This text is research-based, content-driven,

and written at an appropriate level for incoming freshmen with an average to fair

background in biology.

Research-based: This book is based on current educational research

and best educational practices, not tradition.


Understandable: This book is content (idea) driven and not terms and terminology

driven (tradition). Terms and scientific names are used when and where appropriate

to illustrate and explain the concepts and ideas inherent in a particular chapter.

Readable: Presented in a single-column outline format, the chapters of this book are written

in a conversational tone and read more like an interesting magazine article than a dry, stilted

entry in an encyclopedia.  This allows for easier student reading which, in turn, increases

reading comprehension.

Appropriate Level:  Many, if not most, of the students that take introductory biology courses come with only a fair to poor biology background. This problem is compounded by college biology textbooks that are written at a higher technical level than necessary, especially introductory texts intended for majors. This textbook, however, takes such student deficiencies into account as it is written at an appropriate technical level.

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*Suggested for initial review, if you are so inclined. Digital Samples help keep our textbooks affordable. If you like what you see, but prefer a deeper review using print, we'll follow up with a paperback review copy.

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