General Biology: Cells, Genetics and Evolution 2e
Dennis Holley

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Instructor Supplements: Test Bank, Image Bank
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3 quick things about Holley 2e:


· Research-based.  All too often general biology is taught as isolated terms and
terminology to be memorized for testing and then quickly forgotten. GENERAL BIOLOGY I
is based on research and best practices, and is driven by content (ideas).  In contrast,
the competing titles in the market are tradition-based and terminology-driven

(terms and definitions).

· Readable. For ease of reading, GENERAL BIOLOGY I is presented in a single-column outline format. The chapters of this book are written in a conversational tone and read more like an interesting magazine article than an encyclopedia.  This ease of readability increases student interest and understanding. Students should not have to reread passages to understand what they just read. GENERAL BIOLOGY I is designed to avoid that.

· Appropriate. Most general biology textbooks on the market are huge tomes, crammed with highly detailed and technical content and nearly unfathomable to an incoming freshman. GENERAL BIOLOGY I is written at an appropriate level with an appropriate amount of content.  It is designed for incoming freshmen with average biology backgrounds and possibly weak reading skills, especially in this time of COVID-19.

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