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General Zoology: Investigating the Animal World 2e
Dennis Holley

eBook: $39.95  eBook + Print Bundles start at:  $59.95        
Instructor Supplements: Image Bank, Test Bank

3 quick things about Holley 2e:

1. Previously published by Jones & Bartlett, 2e is now available in Textbook Media's
platform, which includes eBook and Print options at affordable prices.

2. Understandable. This textbook is content (ideas) driven and not consumed with terms
and terminology (definitions). Terms and scientific names are used when and where
appropriate to illustrate and explain the concepts and ideas inherent in a particular chapter.

3. Research-based but also readable. This book is based on current educational research and best educational practices, not tradition.  Many college biology textbooks are written at a higher technical level than they should be. Our textbook, however, is written at an appropriate level for students with limited exposure to science concepts or writing.

Holley Zoology Thumbnail.png

*Suggested for initial review, if you are so inclined. Digital Samples help keep our textbooks affordable. If you like what you see, but prefer a deeper review using print, we'll follow up with a paperback review copy.

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