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Intermediate Microeconomics: An Interactive Approach

Stephen Erfle, Ph.D.

Dickinson College

Digital Options start at $39.95 Print + Digital Bundles start at $54.95 


3 Quick Things about Erfle:

1. Microeconomics is most effectively learned... in an active learning, interactive environment.

Students have access to more than 200 Interactive Excel Figures in the online text that allow them

to move the graphs using sliders and click boxes. This interactivity helps students understand how graphic

elements relate to one another. These files do not require knowledge of Excel.

2. There are more figures than are typical… and many of the figures involve multiple scenarios of the same basic graph. Often the text employs interactive questions that require interpreting these scenarios; questions posed are answered at the bottom of the page.


3. Despite the geometric orientation…this text is not light on algebraic analysis. The geometry is backed up by the relevant algebra. More than 500 equations are numbered for easy reference both within and across chapters.  The geometric orientation is perfect for the  non-calculus enhanced classroom but the text can be readily used in a calculus-based class because a calculus treatment of the material is provided in appendices and endnotes, and calculus-based problems are included in the workbook.

Student Workbook (print - 375 pages): $14.95 eStudy Guide: $6.95 | Bundle Price: $19.95

*Recommended for initial consideration, if you are so inclined.  Digital samples help keep our textbooks affordable. If you like what you see, but prefer print for a more careful review, we'll be happy to follow up with a paperback review copy.

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