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 New 2nd Edition:  the first introductory finance text with a solid sustainability focus has been revised and updated.

Financial Managing for a Sustainable World 2e

Frank M. Werner, Ph.D    Fordham University

James A.F.  Stoner, Ph.D  Fordham University

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Supplements: Solutions Manual, Lecture Slides, Test Item File formatted for

major LMS platforms, Web-based Appendices and Cases

  3 Quick Things about the new edition:

·  1e was the first introductory finance text with a solid sustainability focus. 2e is written in a manner consistent with the direction of business education.  Includes extensive material in response to five concerns of contemporary business education: (1) globalization, (2) ethics, (3) cross-disciplinary activities, (4) quality management, and (5) global sustainability.  


·  Presentation of current finance practices of world-class companies as contrasted with the limitations of former financial approach of Shareholder Wealth Maximization.  One of the primary messages of the book is that all stakeholders, including the environment and society, must be served if the firm is to truly contribute to the world.


·  Your students will be more attractive to potential employers. Not only do students learn the core competencies of finance, but also they are shown how to use those skills effectively within a modern, world-class organization.

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