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New Edition! Recently Published...

Principles of Economics: Economics and the Economy 5e

Timothy Taylor     Journal of Economic Perspectives; Macalester College


Digital Options start at $39.95  Print + Digital Bundles start at $54.95


3 Quick Things things about the Taylor Economic Series:

·  Used by over 200 instructors and arguably the most clearly written book on the market


· Taylor is a mainstream; he covers all the main topics in a balanced way, and writes about the subject  with no ideological ax to grind


· Focus on helping students solve problems: Taylor walks students through the problem-solving process

3 Quick Things things about 5e: 

· New examples of high-profile topics; Taylor consistently builds connections between the concepts in the text and the economic events of the last few years


· Taylor has provided  a complete updating of numerical graphs, as well as statistics and examples throughout

· 5e is available in a web-assignment platform; with additional problem-material, graphing and            auto-graded assignments

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“Tim Taylor’s Principles is an excellent introductory text, with solid content comparable to that of far more expensive texts.                          Our students find it a most helpful learning aid and also deeply appreciate its relatively low cost.”                                                                         

- William J. Murphy   New England Institute of Technology


More on 5e: 

Book Info | T.O.C. | Sample Chapter



Note: web-based assessments and grade-book apps in premium eBook version: just $64.95

Instructor Supplements: Instructor Manual; Test Item File (Formatted for the major LMS platforms); PowerPoint Lecture Slides; Web-based Assignments

Student Supplements: Study Guide-Problem Sets; Lecture Guide; Web-based Assignments; Quizlet Study Set

*For initial review only. Digital samples help to keep our costs down and our textbooks affordable.  Thanks for understanding. If you like what you see, but prefer print for a closer review, we'll follow up with a paperback review copy.

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