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Just Published!

Principles of Macroeconomics: Economics and the Economy 5e

Timothy Taylor  Journal of Economic Perspectives  Macalester College

Digital Options start at $34.95  Print + Digital Bundles start at $49.95




3 Quick Things about 5e: 

1. Focus remains on what's made previous editions so well-received: helping students                            solve problems: Taylor walks students through the problem-solving process.

2. As with previous editions, 5e is a mainstream book; it covers all the main topics in a                  balanced way. Taylor writes about the subject with no ideological axe to grind. 


3. With 5e, Tim Taylor has updated a great deal of statistical information and data, but the             chapter topics and sequence are the same as those of the last edition.


+ New premium version with web assessments, and grade book applications: $59.95! (see video for more )

+ New Quizlet Study Sets with self-scoring quizzes, flashcards and other learning apps: $9.95

Instructor Supplements: Instructor Manual; Test Item File - Test CD; PowerPoint Lecture Slides;                                        Web-based Assignments

Student Supplements: Study Guide-Problem Sets; Lecture Guide; Skyepack Web Assignments, Quizlet Study Sets

“I found the Macro split to be clearly written, logically organized, and quite a good introduction to the basic macroeconomic canon.  Frankly, for the price it can’t be beaten.”  - Michael Kuehlwein, Pomona College

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Web-based assessments and grade-book apps in premium Skyepack eBook version: just $59.95. (Click video for overview.)

*For initial review only. We'll send a Bookmarked PDF copy (for easy navigation and offline reviewing). Digital samples help keep our textbooks affordable.  Thanks for understanding. If you like what you see, but prefer print for a closer review, we'll follow up with a paperback review copy.

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