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Principles of Microeconomics: Economics and the Economy 5e

Timothy Taylor  Journal of Economic Perspectives  Macalester College

Digital Options start at $34.95  Print + Digital Bundles start at $49.95

3 Quick Things about 5e: 

1. Focus remains on what's made previous editions so well-received: helping students                            solve problems: Taylor walks students through the problem-solving process.

2. As with previous editions, 5e is a mainstream book; it covers all the main topics in a                  balanced way. Taylor writes about the subject with no ideological axe to grind. 


3. With 5e, Tim Taylor has updated a great deal of statistical information and data, but the             chapter topics and sequence are the same as those of the last edition.


+ New premium version with web assessments, and grade book applications: $59.95! (see video for more )

+ New Quizlet Study Sets with self-scoring quizzes, flashcards and other learning apps: $9.95

Instructor Supplements: Instructor Manual; Test Item File - Test CD; PowerPoint Lecture Slides;                                      Web-based Assignments

Student Supplements: Study Guide-Problem Sets; Lecture Guide; Skyepack Web Assignments,                                    Quizlet Study Sets

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“I got the book and, frankly, couldn't put it down. I have listened to all of Tim's' programs for The Teaching Company and

find him to be an extremely knowledgeable economist, who has the ability to take complex issues and make them come alive.

His book is really an extension of his rather amazing style.”   - Bill Sciacca, Penn State-Scranton

*For initial review only. We'll send a Bookmarked PDF copy (for easy navigation and offline reviewing). Digital samples help keep our textbooks affordable.  Thanks for understanding. If you like what you see, but prefer print for a closer review, we'll follow up with a paperback review copy.

New: Web-based assessments and grade-book apps in premium Skyepack eBook version: just $59.95. (Click video for overview.)

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